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Naval Sea Systems Command

Is your future career with NAVSEA?

By Nancy J. Mellem

According to the Naval Sea Systems Command's (NAVSEA's) Web site, their main responsibilities include the building, maintenance, modernization and conversion of the entire American fleet of ships and their weapons and combat systems. In order to fulfill this enormous responsibility, NAVSEA utilizes approximately $20 billion (one-fifth of the Navy's annual budget) and employs nearly 50,000 individuals-about 47,000 of whom are civilians.

NAVSEA manages 109 acquisition programs and is also involved in the Navy's salvage and diving operation, explosive ordnance safety and disposal, the coordination of naval ship conversion and repair for both the Department of Defense and the Military Sealift Command, and NAVSEA acts in support of ship construction for the Maritime Administration. In addition, they administer a sizeable foreign military sales program involving 68 countries and four NATO organizations with annual sales in the billions of dollars.

Careers With NAVSEA

The scope of NAVSEA's responsibility is vast, and so are employment opportunities with the Command in numerous fields. A quick review of NAVSEA's online employment listings from its main Web site, however, may not result in encouraging findings. Do not be discouraged; the only positions listed on this site are with NAVSEA's headquarters, which makeup merely about five percent of the civilian workforce.

The greater part of the employee base is spread around the country at the Command's four shipyards, as well as the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and a number of other organizations. Links to the NAVSEA commands that are hiring are available at

Innovations at NAVSEA

A closer look at some of the innovations NAVSEA has developed will enable you to understand the type of work NAVSEA is engaging in everyday:

  • Compass and Stabilized Attitude Heading Systems
    NAVSEA is working to develop a compass system with a stabilized attitude heading system to ensure accuracy of navigational tools.

  • Cardiac Fibrillation and Epileptiform
    NAVSEA's goal is to apply chaos technology and models to automatically sense and regulate erratic or destructive moor and sympathetic nerve impulses in biological entities.

  • High Performance Metal Fiber Brushes
    for Motors and Generators NAVSEA is aiming to develop high-performance motor and generator brushes that do not interact with other substances (i.e., oil and silicon vapor).

These are just a few of the projects listed on NAVSEA's Web site. To read more about NAVSEA's innovations, go to

Why Work for NAVSEA?

NAVSEA's workforce is an effective blend of military and civilian employees working with private industrial sector facilities and employees to accomplish their work. The organization is large because their missions are large. NAVSEA draws from the best possible resources available to accomplish its many tasks.

According to their Web site, NAVSEA's "first strategic goal is to hire and develop the best people doing the right job. To accomplish this goal NAVSEA leaders build and execute business plans that provide a safe, high-quality work environment."

Just how does NAVSEA go about creating a secure and superior work environment for their employees? In their own words:

  • "Identify and nurture skill sets required to maintain our core equities.

  • "Through active recruiting identify, attract and use incentives to attract the best candidates for our jobs.

  • "Develop a diverse, mobile workforce whose performance is recognized and rewarded.

  • "Provide and encourage from day one continuing education and development as critical for mission accomplishment and the individual's career growth.

  • "Assign challenging work to each employee with standards of performance agreed to by supervisor and employee.

  • "Create a work culture in which the men and women of NAVSEA are accountable and responsible for their actions, intolerant of poor performance and do not accept substandard results, products or processes.

  • "Communicate with members of the team to solicit necessary improvements in work processes, employee development and recognition, and customer satisfaction. NAVSEA offers competitive salaries, metro transit subsidy and an excellent benefits package.

  • "These benefits include flexible work schedules, generous annual and sick leave accrual, ten paid holidays, health and life insurance, injury compensation coverage, retirement plans, which may include employer contributions of up to five percent of salary into the Thrift Savings Plan (401k type), and assistance for continuing education."

Nancy J. Mellem is a contributing editor for Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers magazine.


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