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Great Questions to Ask at an Interview

Remember, you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you.

By Valerie Anderson

  • Please describe the duties of the job for me.

  • What kinds of assignments might I expect the first six months on the job?

  • Are salary adjustments geared to the cost of living or job performance?

  • Does your company encourage further education?

  • How often are performance reviews given?

  • What products (or services) are in the development stage now?

  • Do you have plans for expansion?

  • What are your growth projections for next year?

  • Have you cut your staff in the last three years?

  • How do you feel about creativity and individuality?

  • Do you offer flextime?

  • Is your company environmentally conscious? In what ways?

  • In what ways is a career with your company better than one with your competitors?

  • Is this a new position or am I replacing someone?

  • What is the largest single problem facing your staff (department) now?

  • May I talk with the last person who held this position?

  • What is the usual promotional time frame?

  • Does your company offer either single or dual career-track programs?

  • What do you like best about your job/company?

  • Once the probation period is completed, how much authority will I have over decisions?

  • Has there been much turnover in this job area?

  • Do you fill positions from the outside or promote from within first?

  • What qualities are you looking for in the candidate who fills this position?

  • What skills are especially important for someone in this position?

  • What characteristics do the achievers in this company seem to share?

  • Is there a lot of team/project work?

  • Will I have the opportunity to work on special projects?

  • Where does this position fit into the organizational structure?

  • How much travel, if any, is involved in this position?

  • What is the next course of action? When should I expect to hear from you or should I contact you?

  • Who was the last person that filled this position, what made them successful at it, where are they today, and how may I contact them?

Valerie Anderson is the Senior Editorial Manager of Graduating Engineer & Computer Careers.


Articles > Feature Articles