Competition and New Employers Heat Up ChE Jobs. By blending and merging with others, the field of chemical engineering is advancing technologies and creating limitless progress.

Despite the recent instability of oil prices resulting from the latest Iraqi crisis, the long-term outlook for employment in petroleum engineering is as strong as ever.

Want to Build Robots? It could be your career

Chemical engineering is full of opportunities-is it right for you?

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With technology expanding in more directions that ever before, the future of electrical engineering is bright.

How has the field of software testing and quality assurance been affected by the technology sector's economic readjustment?

Overview of careers in mechanical engineering

From Mechatronics to Medicine, Mechanical Engineers Push Employers' Hot Buttons

Increased global activity and an expanding reliance on computers heighten the need for engineers and computer scientists among automotive manufacturers

Entry-level civil engineers have a wide-open field of technological and employment opportunities.

A well-rounded education makes mechanical engineers employable in a wide-range of industries

Job Prospects and Recruiter Expectations For
Civil Engineering Grads Build Momentum

As the U.S. attempts to cut back on foreign oil, nuclear energy gains in popularity. Could this be a career for you?

Aging systems are creating a need for civil engineers

Is Your Job Moving Overseas? Not all software engineering jobs are leaving the U.S.

The job market for computer science graduates moves so quickly that by the time anything is said about it, something new pops up to change the dynamics of the industry. However, two words will remain standard for some time to come—booming and profitable.

Industrial Strength Job Opportunities

Aircraft producers are hitting some turbulence, but continue to hire technical professionals

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A day in the life of two aeronautical engineers.

Digital technology promises to revolutionize the industry—and
stir up more jobs in product development, design and testing

Simply put, career opportunities in information science and technology are ample. The complicating factor is choosing just which area of this vast field to go into and prior to that, which type of academic program to enroll in.

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New technology in precision farming and bioengineering are insuring the growth of the agricultural engineering industry

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Can you find a job in the slumping automotive industry?

A mixture of painful contraction and wide-open opportunity awaits energy engineers

The automotive industry, like other transportation specialties, is riding the crest of a powerful wave that is pushing employment higher and higher around the world

Outside forces are reshaping this industry and creating a need for engineering and computer science professionals

Phenomenal growth and emerging technologies combine to create ample career opportunities

Opportunities for multiple disciplines