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Engineering's role in holding together this country's infrastructure.

You asked for it and here it is: The first annual CE News Salary Survey! We randomly sent a questionnaire to 3,000 of our subscribers and the results provided were tallied from over 550 responses.

More lives were saved than lost at ground zero September 11, 2001. Here's how the engineers, architects, and technicians did it

Entry-level civil engineers have a wide-open field of technological and employment opportunities.

Job Prospects and Recruiter Expectations For
Civil Engineering Grads Build Momentum

Aging systems are creating a need for civil engineers

The hurricane was one for the record books, but it's how technical professionals are helping the region recover that makes for an even more interesting chapter.

And why should you care? Architecture, engineering, & construction firms are incorporating extranets at an alarming rate. Every graduating civil engineer should be familar with their impact on the workplace.

From interface to database, software suites get design and analysis speaking the same language.

CE News salutes the engineers who shaped the future of civil engineering

Who says you have to be a well-seasoned professional to gain recognition for your contributions? Meet some young women engineers who started off their careers by creating names for themselves.