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An Informed Career

Technical professionals make their mark on the future of healthcare.

By Anne Baye Ericksen

The U.S. government, through the Department of Energy (DOE), hosted the biannual Solar Decathlon in October 2009. 20 teams competed in 10 contests to determine which team designed, constructed, and operated the most attractive, energy-efficient solar-powered house.

It's Friday night and you want to grab a drink with some friends. But you also know that you should be looking for a job. Why not do both?

How to manage salary and benefit
conversations in the workplace.

Who says you have to be a well-seasoned professional to gain recognition for your contributions? Meet some young women engineers who started off their careers by creating names for themselves.

Think only high-tech companies employ graduates with your skills? Think again.

How to add a little luster when applying for a job.

Unusual interviews call for unique job-winning tactics

By failing to cultivate a professional relationship with their references, many graduating students undermine their chances to land a job, score a scholarship or gain acceptance to a graduate program.

The interview is the heart of the job application process, but the resume and correspondence will make the first and last impression

Energy producers seek to clean up their act while creating jobs and generating profits.

Opportunities for multiple disciplines

A dose of real life before you graduate

Engineers and IT professionals uncover compelling careers in the field of forensics

Soaring energy prices force manufacturers to reinvent

How to choose between job offers

Tips for tailoring MySpace and Facebook accounts during your job search a new job job fairs and conferences

Engineering's role in holding together this country's infrastructure.

The newest government agency relies on your technical expertise

Remember, you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you.

Biomedical engineers carve out a unique niche with innovative designs

Interview tips for engineers and computer scientists

A look at the road information technology has traveled.

A woman's guide to enlisting career support

What matters is what you do about them

As the U.S. attempts to cut back on foreign oil, nuclear energy gains in popularity. Could this be a career for you?

Make online networking work for you.

As you graduate and embark on your job search, you may assume that your interview experiences will be similar, but in reality your meetings with prospective employers might be drastically different. They can range from one-on-one conversations with recruiters at career fairs to sit-down meetings with human resources coordinators to informal informational interviews to group meetings. And that's not even the full range of possibilities! So how will you prepare for them all?

The realtor will tell you it’s all about location, but there are many other factors to consider when deciding to relocate

Negotiating a fatter paycheck

How to answer everyone's least favorite interview question

Job search issues and strategies

Write your way to the top during the job search. Practical advice on cover letters, thank-you letter, letters of recommendation, list of references, job search emails, and letters of acceptance and decline.

Women in space exploration

Aging systems are creating a need for civil engineers

Professional licensing and certification can lead to a higher profile, more prosperous career.

Career fairs can be your first step to occupational success.

Where are the career opportunities for technical professionals in powering our future?

The hurricane was one for the record books, but it's how technical professionals are helping the region recover that makes for an even more interesting chapter.

For the most part, modesty is an admirable trait. But it's of little use during a job interview.

How to finance your advanced degree with loans and scholarships

A guide to employee benefits

Using email correctly in your job search will help you stand out from the crowd

Your resume is one of your most important initial job search tools. It is the key to getting an interview and opening the door to the job you want.

Accelerate your career in auto racing technology

International jobs can be your ticket to personal fulfillment and career success

Is Your Job Moving Overseas? Not all software engineering jobs are leaving the U.S.

Diversity Advocacy + Professional Association + You = Career Success

Engineering and science faculty face a challenging future

Getting to know your 401(k) plan

A day in the life of two aeronautical engineers.

Engineers score a career goal in the sports business

Five emerging hotspots where IT jobs are on the comeback... and you can live without breaking the bank

Programs for girls in science and engineering

Tech careers in the nonprofit sector

How creating a network of contacts can lead to success

Consolidate your loans so you can finally sleep at night

Job security is about to take on a whole new meaning...

Find out how these young engineers landed their ideal jobs

Three critical questions to answer

Deans at four prestigious HBCUs talk to GECC about diversity in the tech industry

In today's technical job market, graduates need to mix traditional
and modern job-search skills

While on-campus screening interviews are important, on-site visits are where jobs are won or lost.

Read your contract's fine print carefully-it could change your future

Read on to find out about some of the basic programs most career centers' offer. And then head to your on-campus office to speak with a counselor and find out how they can best help you.

How to deal with the stress of finding that perfect job

Tailoring realistic expectations

Digging Your Future: Is a career in mining engineering right for you?

Winning approaches to the job search for engineers with disabilities

Generations of women in engineering tell their stories

Deciding between two (or more) job offers

In informational interviews, you're the one asking the questions

How to write a skills-based resume and cover letter

Depending upon your fashion style, whether it is the latest trends for the club scene or merely college senior casual, a job interview may be cause for some drastic wardrobe augmentation.

Becomining an effective presenter

Searching for a job in a difficult economy

The federal government is on the lookout for minority professionals in science and technology

Find out how to pick a company that values diversity

Soft-sell strategies for negotiating a higher starting salary

Does company size really matter in a tough job market?

Tricks of the trade to make your career fair experience a success

From weeding you out to making you sweat

For guys, it's simple—a suit and tie will do just fine in any situation. But for women, knowing what to wear to the interview can be more complicated than knowing the elements to the periodic table

You can make your dreams come true. Check out these cool jobs to see what it takes to turn them into a reality

How to Get Them/How to Manage Them

Profiles of two young engineers in the telecommunications industry

If you're looking for a rewarding career where others look up to you, you get entire summers off and there are more open jobs than candidates to fill them, look no further than teaching

Some popular engineering and technology-related quotation

Comfy? Making life more comfortable for others is the perfect way to make life more comfortable for yourself

Chances are, you will face an ethical dilemma sometime during your career. Here’s how to do the right thing.

Personal stories of people involved with the WTC disaster

More lives were saved than lost at ground zero September 11, 2001. Here's how the engineers, architects, and technicians did it

Looking for employment in the States after graduation? These tips will take the work out of finding a job

Job hopping has become commonplace these days. Here's what employers are doing about it, and what you should do about it.

Check out our latest compilation of some of the most prestigious
engineering and computer related scholarships in the country.

Have you always dreamt of being the next James Bond? Now there are more chances than ever

For years women working in high-tech have had to fight misconceptions and stereotypes based on their gender. Although today's atmosphere has improved, high-tech women still find themselves fighting for their rights.

You know that the Internet economy collapsed. But why did it happen? And what can you learn from your predecessors' mistakes?

Systems engineering is like putting together a puzzle, matching varied pieces together to make one cohesive whole. Engineers in this field interact with others in a variety of disciplines, depending on their particular industry, and strive to ensure that the individual parts can work together to perform a desired function.

It's as inevitable as death and taxes. At some point, you're going to have to deal with a bad boss. Here's how to handle them

Politics don’t only make for strange bedfellows, they can make for uncomfortable work situations

Is it really possible to have both? At these companies, it is

Are we in a recession? More importantly, what should you do if we are?

Quick advice on how to nail that interview

Job Prospects and Recruiter Expectations For
Civil Engineering Grads Build Momentum

Will the downturned economy affect the chances of IT students finding the jobs they want?

Looking for a cool job? Here are four that fit the bill

We revisit a female engineer first profiled five years ago to tap her experiences

At the time of print, Bounmy Phouthavong was a software consulatant for EDS

For international students, graduation doesn't mean you have to leave the U.S. behind

The advantages and disadvantages of working in a large or small company

A large firm or a small company—which is right for you?

What happens when four generations are put to work in the same place?

tarting a part-time consulting business means giving up your free time for a wad of dough. But is it worth it?

Research, research and research

Prepare for your interview by following these 10 simple guidlines

Etiquette in the interview and on the job remain firmly in vogue.

Taking a job that requires lots of travel may be a good way to start your career—just pack some travel success strategies for the trip.

Job descriptions and profiles of hardware engineers

Four years after California voters passed Proposition 209, the impact of anti-affirmative action laws on minority enrollment in tech fields is still heavily debated.

Going abroad doesn’t mean you have to go bankrupt

Artificial intelligence has long been considered an interesting plot device for science fiction stories—but not much more.

New Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Yes, your boss can listen to and accept your ideas—but it won’t happen automatically

That’s the way many describe engineers who also have skills in management. And those engineers are more likely to find a job, get promoted and be successful

Information and advice you'll need to know before going into a salary negotiation

Competition and New Employers Heat Up ChE Jobs. By blending and merging with others, the field of chemical engineering is advancing technologies and creating limitless progress.

Finding love at work could force you to kiss and tell

Ten things to avoid when creating an entry-level resume

Responsibility is the name of the game in project engineering, and it can come in many forms. From directing a team of individuals and keeping track of a project's status to evaluating economic factors for future jobs, project engineers have a hand in many aspects of development and post-production support.

An IBM Manufacturing Engineer Keeps His Options For Problem Solving Open

Liven up your resume with this bank of power words

Drawn-out meetings with no clear goals or outcomes are one of the most common grievances among all professionals

Editor's note: This is the third in a series of articles examining emerging technologies and the jobs they're creating.

Quick advice from a career expert on how to create the best cover letter possible

Before you begin interviewing, think about these questions and your
possible responses. Discuss them with a career advisor

Engineers and computer scientists are turning their passion for play into exciting careers at toy companies.

A well-rounded education makes mechanical engineers employable in a wide-range of industries

Engineers and computer professionals play an integral role in the development of the complex systems that fuel today's economy...

Entry-level civil engineers have a wide-open field of technological and employment opportunities.

Knowing your personality—and that of potential employers—can steer you toward a satisfying professional relationship.

Hardware engineers are concerned with the design, development and testing or debugging of computer hardware

Project engineering involves planning the work; organizing a team to bring the task to fruition; controlling each of the steps along the way, solving problems; and ultimately, being responsible for final results

The employment outlook for biomedical engineering graduates is, in a word, good.

Nuclear science is a variable field, with applications ranging from power generation to medical diagnosis and treatment. While many people may think of nuclear weapons or reactors when they think of this field, nuclear engineers deal with issues and applications that go far beyond the stereotypes.

Dr. Ronald L. Krannich, co-author of Dynamite Networking for Dynamite Jobs: 101 Interpersonal Telephone and Electronic Techniques for Getting Job Leads, Interviews, and Offers, supplies these networking tips.

Engineers are taking the wraps off great careers in the packaging industry

Since the days of Henry David Thoreau, environmentalism has been a noble field, exalting the land and water that our society too casually pollutes and disregards. Engineers who enter the environmental field can expect a work day that brings them in close contact with the earth—taking soil samples and testing air quality are two common assignments.

And why should you care? Architecture, engineering, & construction firms are incorporating extranets at an alarming rate. Every graduating civil engineer should be familar with their impact on the workplace.

When most people think about computer software, they think of either Bill Gates or video games. There is, however, a whole world between those two extremes.

Industrial Strength Job Opportunities

The rising need for technological expertise in all industries is sparking unparalleled demand for IT consultants

Candid advice from a recruiter at Cypress Semiconductor in Silicon Valley

You may not be looking for a career in sales, but as a job-seeker, you must invariably market your skills and abilities.

The blossoming field of edutainment offers job opportunities to students who want to help people enjoy the learning process

Our annual look at hiring in every region of the country.

The best jobs in the next millennium may be with companies you've never even heard of.

Employers are adopting innovative ways to attract and retain engineering and computer science graduates

CE News salutes the engineers who shaped the future of civil engineering

Engineers on the job regularly make choices that affect people's lives and their own integrity.

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa tells other women and minorities to aim high

As the world continues to grow more computer-dependent, programmers occupy an increasingly important position, ensuring that functions and applications keep up with the changing needs of industry and individuals.

Get your professional engineering license as soon as possible - your career will thank you

From interface to database, software suites get design and analysis speaking the same language.

Call it revenge of the nerds—today's engineer is loose, cool and in demand

Former astronaut Mae Jemison shares her philosophy on education, technology and achieving success.

The job market for computer science graduates moves so quickly that by the time anything is said about it, something new pops up to change the dynamics of the industry. However, two words will remain standard for some time to come—booming and profitable.

Virtual people take on the job of testing complex designs.

Engineers discuss the various obstacles young minorities still face at the turn of the century.

Mike Darnell takes his camera everywhere. After all, you never know when and where a bad design might appear.

Sharper Students or Duller Sword in the MIS Field?

Be prepared to encounter difficult bosses in the professional world.

Both employees and employers win when minority networking groups succeed

Engineers make a case for entering the legal profession

You asked for it and here it is: The first annual CE News Salary Survey! We randomly sent a questionnaire to 3,000 of our subscribers and the results provided were tallied from over 550 responses.

Engineers make a case for entering the legal profession

Aircraft producers are hitting some turbulence, but continue to hire technical professionals

Sadly, in an effort to become more efficient, many working people have left behind some of the niceties that make the day-to-day grind more bearable.

Imagine having a job where you never have to drive to the office. Or think about what it would be like to work for a company where your closest colleague is in the next state. Such work situations are becoming commonplace as the virtual office becomes a vital part of many of today's corporations.

A brief history of women in engineering

Opportunities in the Interactive Toy Industry

Advice on how to build communication skills for engineers, computer science majors and IT staff

According to the American Electronics Association (AEA), the high-tech industry added close to a quarter of a million new jobs to the U.S. economy between 1995 and 1996.