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Sharper Students or Duller Sword in the MIS Field?

A grad school's first impression of you is your personal statement. Make it count.

Available financial aid for engineering and computer science students from diverse backgrounds.

A continuation of the article Getting Personal, this sample statement follows the rules outlined in the article.

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How to write a personal statement, aka the statement of purose, for your graduate school application

Introduction to obtaining an advanced degree

Grad school success hinges on finding your perfect match

Graduate school offers plenty of challenges, getting in shouldn't be the worst of them

Work-study programs, federal grants, scholarships, and more.

Graduate school applications all submitted? Don't relax yet

Provide your mentors, professor's, and bosses with the following, to get the best recommendations possible

The first step in continuing your education doesn't have to be the most difficult

Need it to advance your education? Here's a rundown on some of the nation's top scholarships for seniors and graduates. A continuation of "Digging for Dollars".

Staying at your undergraduate institution for graduate school or choosing another is a decision not to be made on a whim

If you're planning to continue your studies beyond the bachelor's degree, you're going to encounter an old nemesis you haven't seen since high school—the entrance exam.

The National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program is the largest fellowship program in the nation that funds graduate research in the science and engineering fields.

With unemployment on the rise, should you think about going back to school?

How to get your education paid for with assistantships, loans, and more

Now is the time to make an appointment

And what academic leaders, middle and high school teachers, industry reps, and organizations are doing to change it.

Tips for answering that
thousands of dollars question.