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Steps toward your new career

Interview tips for engineers and computer scientists

Success during on-site interviews

How to answer everyone's least favorite interview question

Remember, you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you.

It's the dreaded interview question. Here's how to nail it.

For the most part, modesty is an admirable trait. But it's of little use during a job interview.

For guys, it's simple—a suit and tie will do just fine in any situation. But for women, knowing what to wear to the interview can be more complicated than knowing the elements to the periodic table

As you graduate and embark on your job search, you may assume that your interview experiences will be similar, but in reality your meetings with prospective employers might be drastically different. They can range from one-on-one conversations with recruiters at career fairs to sit-down meetings with human resources coordinators to informal informational interviews to group meetings. And that's not even the full range of possibilities! So how will you prepare for them all?

Information and advice you'll need to know before going into a salary negotiation

Prepare for your interview by following these 10 simple guidlines

Before you begin interviewing, think about these questions and your
possible responses. Discuss them with a career advisor

Etiquette in the interview and on the job remain firmly in vogue.

You may not be looking for a career in sales, but as a job-seeker, you must invariably market your skills and abilities.

Quick advice on how to nail that interview

How to Get Them/How to Manage Them

Confidence is one thing, but overconfidence can sabotage an interview!

While on-campus screening interviews are important, on-site visits are where jobs are won or lost.

From weeding you out to making you sweat

You're not there to land a job-so what are you doing there?

Unusual interviews call for unique job-winning tactics

In informational interviews, you're the one asking the questions

Depending upon your fashion style, whether it is the latest trends for the club scene or merely college senior casual, a job interview may be cause for some drastic wardrobe augmentation.

Three critical questions to answer

Do you have your answer ready?

Don't make a decision without weighing the pros & cons

How to add a little luster when applying for a job.

How to manage salary and benefit
conversations in the workplace.