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A brief history of women in engineering

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa tells other women and minorities to aim high

For guys, it's simple—a suit and tie will do just fine in any situation. But for women, knowing what to wear to the interview can be more complicated than knowing the elements to the periodic table

A woman's guide to enlisting career support

Systems engineering is like putting together a puzzle, matching varied pieces together to make one cohesive whole. Engineers in this field interact with others in a variety of disciplines, depending on their particular industry, and strive to ensure that the individual parts can work together to perform a desired function.

Women in space exploration

Since the days of Henry David Thoreau, environmentalism has been a noble field, exalting the land and water that our society too casually pollutes and disregards. Engineers who enter the environmental field can expect a work day that brings them in close contact with the earth—taking soil samples and testing air quality are two common assignments.

Project engineering involves planning the work; organizing a team to bring the task to fruition; controlling each of the steps along the way, solving problems; and ultimately, being responsible for final results

Engineering and science faculty face a challenging future

Generations of women in engineering tell their stories

Programs for girls in science and engineering

We revisit a female engineer first profiled five years ago to tap her experiences

For years women working in high-tech have had to fight misconceptions and stereotypes based on their gender. Although today's atmosphere has improved, high-tech women still find themselves fighting for their rights.

Former astronaut Mae Jemison shares her philosophy on education, technology and achieving success.

Who says you have to be a well-seasoned professional to gain recognition for your contributions? Meet some young women engineers who started off their careers by creating names for themselves.